Soros bot Alexis Tsipras: No Macedonia, soon you’ll be called Upper


Greece has two key conditions for compromise on the name – one is the complex name with a geographical determinant, and the second one is a viable solution, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said after attending the European Summit and responding to a question from a MIA correspondent in Brussels.

– It should not be a “facilitated version”, but a viable solution to create a strong dialogue among peoples, the name should be for everyday use, international, bilateral and particularly for internal use. There can not be a different name in the United Nations, and continue to be called Macedonia in your Constitution. This cannot be. The deal is not easy, many people are opposed in Greece, but this is a historic opportunity for us to take advantage of, Tsipras said.

Tsipras, as the MIA correspondent from Brussels reported on the name issue, said jokingly, “The next time you will no longer be able to use the term Republic of Macedonia, but Upper,” he said. We have reported over a month ago that both the treasonous government in Skopje as well as Athens are pushing for UpperMakedonija – in Cyrillic.

The prime minister then said that Greece had the “best intentions of the world”.

  • Its Just Me


  • Its Just Me

    Tell me Greece, after the historic visit of Erdogan to Turkey (“we will redefine the borders”) you do a historic visit to Macedonia (“we will rename you”)..
    Lets see if the first thing happens, after all we are in no rush… good luck with your borders, see if EU protects you then – hahaha you did not protect EU borders.. that wont work :)))

  • Legenda Patriot

    I hope Tsipras chokes on his souvlaki!

  • Tony

    Tsipras studied at Uni NSW Sydney Australia
    His country’s acedemic ability is zero
    That’s why he studied abroad.
    Makes sense as he can’t trust his scholars.
    Full of bullshit.

  • Its Just Me

    Poor poor Greece (literally poor), now provoked by Turkey..
    No the EU does not got your back (you did not protect EUs border, remember?)..
    Turkey does not care what EU says.
    How are the border doing? Did the army chief arrive well?
    You need help? We can help you with Turkey if you let us have our Macedonia back..