Soros’ stooge Nikol Pashinyan has pretty much sealed Nagorno-Karabakh’s fate


For those who do not know who George Soros is, he is a Hungarian-born American billionaire. Through his Open Society Foundation, he provides millions of dollars in grants to non-governmental organizations mostly active in eastern European courtiers.

This is why the “colored” revolutions that have taken place in these countries during the last few decades are, associated with Soros’ name.


In Armenia the Soros Foundation supports dozens of “NGOs” directly tied to the US and British Embassies that run programs in the field of human rights protection, women’s rights protection, anti-corruption campaigns, which typically results in rights only for Soros’ hand picked organizations and politicians.

Nikol Pashinyan - Wikipedia

These organizations, with their years of activities and western finances, have contributed to the victory of Nikol Pashinyan’s. Many of the leaders of these “NGO” organizations are currently holding high level positions in the new Armenian government. For most Armenians this is a proof that many in Pashinyan’s circle are beholden to foreign forces, and rightfully so.

Naturally, every political movement financed by Soros and by default the US and British Embassies, is anti-Russian. The new Armenian Government led by Pashinyan is strongly pro-NATO, and pro West in general. Of course, we all now see the irony that a NATO member Turkey has been instrumental in Nagorno-Karabakh losing 25% of its territory, with more territorial losses registered daily. In fact it’s been Turkish drone operators who have decimated more than 600 Armenian soldiers. But Pashinyan, like all Soros backed stooges, doesn’t seem fazed one bit. His most recent bravado on TV of his wife supposedly volunteering in some type of a female fighter group is just a TV promo and nothing else.

Pashinyan has recently realized his mistake and attempted to replace his anti Russian statements over the past two years with pro Russian statements in the past two weeks, but Moscow isn’t taking any of it. They are calmly watching from the sidelines, even though it landed a hand to Yerevan by blowing up 70+ jihadis in Idlib who were destined for Nagorno Karabakh.

Under Pashinyan Armenia’s Nagorno Karabakh is a lost cause. Baku knows it, Ankara knows it, and worse yet, the Armenians know it.