South Korean presidential candidate Stabbed in Neck – wants to unite both Koreas


Uncle Sam certainly can’t have peace break out.

The head of South Korea’s main opposition Democratic Party, Lee Jae-myung, was rushed to the hospital after an unidentified man stabbed him during a question-and-answer session with reporters on Tuesday morning.

The incident took place at 10:27am, when an unknown man approached Lee and stabbed him on the left side of his neck, Yonhap news agency reported. The attacker was quickly subdued and arrested.

Multiple videos of the incident shared on social media show Lee surrounded by a crowd of journalists before the man suddenly jumped at him with a knife.

His condition was not immediately clear. According to Yonhap, Lee remained conscious, but the bleeding continued as he was taken to the hospital around 20 minutes after the attack.

Lee Jae-myung, 59, lost the 2022 presidential election to Yoon Suk-yeol by a margin of 0.73%, and is widely expected to run again in 2027.