Updated: SPO’s Katica Janeva diagnosed as “insane” so she can avoid a jail sentence


A Macedonian doctor has issued a ‘forced’ vacation for Katica Janeva just in time when numerous leaks have revealed that the head prosecutor of the illegitimate US installed Special Prosecution Office is involved in at least three racketeering and extortion cases aimed at both politicians and businessman.

While the SPO was mum about the whole thing, and the Government claimed Janeva’s diagnosis should be kept private as part of the doctor-patient confidentiality agreement, experts claim all information about the head of the SPO must be made public because she is a public employee whose salary is covered by the taxpayers.

DPNE’s Antonio Miloshoski revealed that a local doctor has given Janeva (F-40-48) diagnosis, essentially making her mentally unstable.

  • Forced vacation from July 16 – August 15 was issued by a doctor due to a (F-40-48) diagnosis. The diagnosis was issued right at a moment when the extent of Janeva’s involvement in racketeering Macedonian politicians and businessmen. These types of diagnoses are impossible to prove and or disprove. Not just our experts, but others as well have stated Zaev’s Government is building up a case based essentially on ‘insanity’ so Janeva cannot be tried in a Court of Law or sent to prison – stated Miloshoski.

Update: Janeva was ‘diagnosed’ by Dr. Ljubica Cilkova whose husband Metodi Cilkov worked for the SPO.

In an effort to ensure Janeva is taken as far as possible from a Court Room and or jail, Dr Cilkova recently added the head prosecutor of the SPO had not just “insanity”, but “amnesia” as well. This is how one makes sure Janeva doesn’t rat out who was giving her orders to commit all the crimes she committed.