Stefan Vlahov Micov: Macedonia doesn’t deserve to be a country


Stefan Vlahov Micov is a Macedonian historian and author who was born and raised in Bulgaria. During his graduate studies in his home country, he became entangled with the authorities for his Macedonian “views” and was seen as a threat to the Bulgarian state. Soon after he was forced to move to Macedonia, where he has lived for good part of his life. Micov never dreamed that one day a Macedonian government would sign a document giving up their history, culture and language to the very country that kicked him out for being Macedonian, and all of it with a simple stroke of a pen.

According to Micov, Macedonia does not deserve to be a country. “A country cannot be, and cannot have its so called leaders remove themselves from power because they couldn’t handle the pressure” stated Micov. We couldn’t agree more!

  • V.M.

    Ivanov… ended up being a complete idiot, changed his stance in 24 hrs and disappeared from public view.
    Vlahov says it like it is. The idiots removed themselves from power.

  • Goran Stavreski

    Mike Ilitch is rolling in his grave. He was the one who told Bush to recognize Macedonia.