Stefan Vlahov Micov: “United Macedonia” political party created and financed by US Embassy


The Vice President of “United Macedonia” Stefan Vlahov Micov has just poured gasoline and lit a match on his own political party. The alleged patriotic party was founded, and is  financed by the US Embassy using Zaev and his junta as its intermediary, confessed Micov today.

Although all political parties in Macedonia – large and small – are under the control of the Western services and their Macedonian puppets. Some of them: SDSM, VMRO-DPMNE, DUI and others, were even created by secret foreign services. Is it normal to you that all political parties in Macedonia would sell their soul to the West and NATO even though the entire population is Christian Orthodox? Not one political party wants friendly ties with Russia. Really?
That’s the level of control the West has over Macedonian political parties, says Stefan Vlahov Micov.

In a post on his personal FB page, Micov says:

It is abnormal in a Christian Orthodox state like Macedonia, all existing parties, and I mean all of them to be oriented towards the West, although much of the population wants closer friendship with Russia. That is why I accepted to be deputy chairman of the rebranded party under a firm condition: to have a major say in the strategy of the party. I wrote the party program (the section for the Eurasian Union was prepared by another colleague), which was divided into thousands of copies throughout Macedonia
– writes Micov.

The president of United Macedonia, Janko Bacev, surprised me when he suggested that our party logo should resemble that of Putin’s political party “United Russia”. I saw no reason for it. In the end we settled for our Macedonian 16 ray sun, the lion and the red color.

In a very short amount of time, we ended up bringing in influential Russians such as Savin and Dugin to Macedonia. In April we went to Moscow. In Macedonia we created 62 offices. What brought my attention and a few red flags is our rapid development and the fact none of the SDSM-run newspapers, or CIA run Voice of America, DW… wrote anything negative about us, but the papers that I didn’t think would write anything negative about us, wrote a lot of negative thinks – not realizing that they knew who is behind this political party – says Micov.

BEHIND THE SCENES – Whole Project Run by the US Embassy

In essence, the idea of creating a “pro-Russian” party in Macedonia was 100% initiated and run by the US Embassy while Zaev’s junta were the intermediary, the point of contact between them and Bachev. The sole purpose and goal was to portray Russian influence in the country and thereby increase Western pressure for the country to be swallowed by NATO as well as speed up the genocide against the Macedonian people and the demolition of the Macedonian state.

Editor Note: Just yesterday we wrote of the UK doing the same thing in Macedonia, creating fake opposition run by them.

I applaud Mickoski who very early stated that Janko Bacev works for Zaev. Now of course, we all know that Bachev and Zaev are in constant communication – continued Micov.

Other red flags kept popping up after Janko Bacev stated “United Macedonia” is an extended hand of the Russian Government. What the hell!? Now, we all know that his statements were ordered from someone else, think of a flag with stripes and stars – says Micov.
The Russians very quickly saw through Janko Bachev, describing him as first and foremost “Anti Macedonian” and certainly not a “Russophile” – says Micov.

In the end, Micov says that Bachev is yet another traitor in the long list of traitors to Macedonia.

Today Micov announced he is quitting the party and wants nothing to do with a US Embassy run political party/project.
Has anyone noticed the speed with which American activities in the country are crumbling left and right?

  • Tony

    I always knew Janko Bachevs statements were a bit odd

  • Legenda Patriot

    The deception and corruption is beyond words. All smoke and mirrors!

  • V.M.

    I watched Micov in an interview… he is so disgusted with Bachev… well, there goes that…
    It’s good because all the traitors are surfacing… now this ‘party’ is gone.
    Must admit, with the exception of Bachev, there were some really good people there… Micov is one of the good.

  • vistina

    Is Bachev the paid actor who jumped the barricades at the protests a few months ago waving Macedonian & Russian flags? The Zaev controlled police officers were standing right next to him and didn’t do anything not even look at him, Instead they attacked women and children in the crowd with batons.

    Conveniently the media just happened to be there to take well positioned photos of a mischievous, unhindered Bachev on the platform by himself waving a Russian flag. Makes a good propaganda story.

    Another fraud exposed. Zaev regime is crumbling. Now Zaev wants fresh elections but on what grounds? His DUI partners are not keen on fresh elections. VMRO is demanding a technical government for the first 100 days and this is the current requirement passed in 2015 and used against Gruevski. Zaev wants to ignore the law again and Ivanov must exercise power to make any new election at least 100 days away. Zaev wants late November elections because he promised the Greeks to make constitutional changes by the end of year. Tsipras said if no changes by end of 2018 the Prespa deal is off.

    Both Tsipras & Zaev are behind in the polls and they are trying to cheat the public by trying to push this fraud through. Both Zaev & Tsipras will lose their next elections. They just want to cause damage before they leave office. All Macedonians worldwide must be vigilant as ever now and not allow these frauds and traitors to permanently damage the Macedonian nation.

    • V.M.

      That’s Bachev, that’s the son of a bitch who always for some crazy reason had a Russian flag on him… now we know why. F*cking baily I’am telling you…