Stevo Soros beats Goga Soros: Vmorons provide needed percentage


DPNESDS presidential candidate Goga Soros accepted defeat minutes ago to Stevo Soros who has apparently taken medication to calm himself down – still in disbelief that he will be the new president/representative of a US protectorate.

Mickoski and the DPNE worked relentlessly the entire day to ensure 40% turnout during the second round of the presidential elections. Around 3pm, when the vote was on the brink to fail, Mickoski called on everyone who was boycotting to go out and vote for Goga Soros, claiming the 40% percentage was already reached. He lied, was asking for a higher voter turnout.

Mickoski, Goga, Stevo, Zaeb and the deep State – they all won, while all Macedonians lost.

There is not much to say how the elections went: The SEC provided some border line insane numbers the entire day that made no sense (they still don’t). Our favorite was the fact that the focus was on the turnout, and not who is leading, that information wasn’t available for hours.

Zaev counted the results = Stevo won, SDS won new mayoral spots in Novo Selo and Ohrid. DPNE also won because Mickoski will receive new energy contracts from Zaev while other DPNE officials won’t get prosecuted. Over 150,000 votes were stuffed in ballot boxes across the country, but who cares? Certainly not the idiotic and US controlled “opposition”.

And finally, here is the percentage lady, grandma Goga, happy as ever. She did her job.