Stoilkovic vs Goga Soros: To force the only sane response is force


Journalist Borislav Stoilkovic joined a debate where “DPNE’s” presidential candidate Goga Soros was taking a part in.

“Macedonia has a Constitutional court which gave itself the right to review on cases whenever it wants. Is this sane or normal? On all the lawsuits it has received regarding the unconstitutional Government, unconstitutional agreements and illegal laws, it may decide today, or it may decide to review the cases in 10 years, when the train has left the station. The Government junta has been testing the reaction of Macedonians for over a year, and it has received no reaction.

This is catastrophic for the well being of the country, only force to their force can have an impact” stated Stoilkovic, which drew the ire of presidential candidate Goga Soros who exclaimed “Ghandi-style resistance can work”.

“No it can’t. Ghandi’s resistance did nothing for India, the British left India alone only when the population reacted with arms and force” – replied Stoilkovic – which drew applause from the crowd.

“No, no, this is not worthy of applause” reacted Goga Soros.

Actually, this was worthy of a standing ovation.