Strasbourg: SPO and PPO serve Government officials


Former President of the Basic Court 1 Skopje Vladimir Pancevski revealed on Facebook that the lawsuit he filed to the Court of human rights in Strasbourg against the SPO has been accepted, as well as the second lawsuit related to unlawful work of the PPO which serves exclusively as an instrument of the authorities.

The fight continues, in addition to the accepted first lawsuit in the preliminary phase to the Court of Human in Strasbourg regarding the SPO’s unlawful work, now the second lawsuit against the PPO Skopje has passed the first preliminary phase!, he wrote.

The lawsuits are against the Republic of Macedonia and these two institutions – Prosecutor’s Offices which proved to be instruments of the government against the citizens, Macedonia became a state with a destroyed legal system and clientelist institutions that daily boycott and violate the rights of the citizens. That’s why I boycott such legal system of government and institutions where politics is above the law! I boycott in the most democratic way expressed through my right to vote!, Pancevski wrote.