Supreme Court saves Mijalkov and Co., rules SPO could not prosecute anyone after mandate ended


The Supreme Court has decided that the SPO cannot open investigations and file charges after 18 months from the date of taking over the cases under its jurisdiction.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office for prosecuting crimes related to and arising from the content of the illegal interception of communications may file charges or order an interruption of the investigative procedure for a period not exceeding 18 months from the day of taking over the cases and materials under its jurisdiction as a cumulative condition, which may not be exceeded as of the date of taking over the materials from the illegal interception of communications referred to in Article 2 of the Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office for prosecution of crimes related to and arising from the contents of the illegal interception of communications, and after the expiration of that period of 18 months, a plaintiff is not authorized to undertake public prosecution work on pre-investigative and investigative actions, provided for in the Law on Criminal Procedure.

The session started at 13.30 hr and ended up expressly because it lasted less than an hour.

The initiative was filed by two lawyers Boro Tasevski and Elenko Milanov, who are defenders of the accused in several cases of the SPO which include Sasho Mijalkov, Kamchev, Srgjan Kerim, Ahmeti, Miloshoski, Janakieski and others. Zoran Zaev personally lobbied the Supreme Court to nullify the cases particularly after it was uncovered that Mijalkov has stashed away 1 billion euros in Cypriot Banks.

  • neutrinoz

    Colonial judgement from lil colonial court. Derivative Interpretations are new general law.
    SJO unconstitutional from the beginning find it’s way to be party in court. Another step in the plain air. Baily and his Vodocha acolytes seriously underestimates our memory of just 2 years before.

    I rather contemplate about power of Da #Bojkot, and it’s dragon child Da #Reset. Cold one.