Sweden silent after finding undetonated Underwater Drone near Nord Stream pipeline


Sweden Police investigating the recent explosion which blew up three out of four natural gas pipelines between Russia and Germany, found an explosives-laden, but UN-DETONATED, underwater drone, near the fourth pipeline which did NOT get blown up.  A wire which would have controlled the explosion of that drone, was found to have been severed.

The police called-in the Sweden Army Ordnance Disposal Unit, to recover the undetonated drone, and to render it safe.

The drone is now impounded and with it, the first conclusive proof of WHO carried out the bombing of Nord Stream.

Sweden immediately Classified the drone and the investigation as needing to be concealed for “national security” reasons.

The model of drone makes clear who the perpetrator is.  Sweden is not revealing the drone model or any other information surrounding it.

News media coverage of the recovery of this drone has been forbidden by Swedish authorities.