Syrian Army restarts east Aleppo offensive as Russian airstrikes hammer ISIS


With the Tiger Forces gearing up to restart its counter-insurgency operations in rural Aleppo, Russian airstrikes hammered ISIS positions in the Maskanah Plains throughout the day, killing countless ISIS insurgents in the process.

With airstrikes off-limits in Idlib, Daraa, northern Homs and the East Ghouta, the Russian Air Force is now able to focus its sorties exclusively on ISIS-held territory. Russian air raids were also observed in the Palmyra, Deir Ezzor and east Hama/Homs regions on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the SAA – led by its elite shock troops and tribal reinforcements – is drawing up plans to liberate Jirah Airbase as we speak. Tiger Forces contingents are still arriving in the area, scouting out ISIS fortifications before striking southwards through the Maskanah Plains.

Suheil Al-Hassan, commander-in-chief of the Tiger Forces, will reportedly command two simultaneous offensive in eastern Aleppo and eastern Palmyra against the Islamic State after finishing an overwhelmingly succesful counter-offensive in northern Hama.

The renown SAA commander was also deployed to the eastern Aleppo countryside earlier this year, liberating some 200 villages in a remarkable blitz offensive that expelled the Islamic State from its rural areas in Aleppo province.