Tache: DUI-SDSM Coalition is pretty much a given


It seems Macedonia’s Tache is addressing the upcoming elections and the political landscape, emphasizing the importance of holding the elections in May as scheduled. He highlights ongoing discussions regarding coalition agreements and the need for consensus within the Parliament before finalizing the positions of political parties.

Tache mentions the existing coalition agreement between SDSM and DUI, focusing on the shared goal of establishing a “European coalition” in the upcoming elections. Now you know why citizenship were dished out to Kosovars. He stresses that while the specifics of the agreement are under discussion, the fundamental objective remains the same and will be communicated to the public once confirmed by the parties’ official bodies.

Moreover, Tache underscores the significance of a modern society and state, emphasizing values such as economic prosperity, social justice, democracy, media freedom, and the rule of law as foundational elements for building coalitions. He acknowledges the Alliance of Albanians’ potential contribution to discussions on these crucial topics but highlights that decisions regarding coalitions are made by the official party bodies.

It appears that Tache is advocating for a coalition focused on shared values and a vision for a more progressive and just society, while also emphasizing the need for transparency in communicating details and agreements to the public.