Talks on selling Goce Delcev to Bulgaria will continue


Various aspects of the question of the significance of Goce Delcev’s character and work for the historical memory of the two peoples were discussed Friday on the second day of the meeting of the Macedonian-Bulgarian joint ‘expert’ committee.

The discussion of a possible joint celebration of Goce Delchev’s character and work, as the Committee told MIA, was exhausting but fruitful and little progress was made so that the members of the Committee would continue to discuss the issue and other open issues of importance to the Committee and in the context of building good neighborly relations between the Macedonian and Bulgarian people and the two countries.

The members of the committee on Thursday discussed the recommendations to the two governments about the classical period in fifth-grade textbooks in Bulgaria and sixth-grade textbooks in the Macedonian educational system.

There are serious differences in the way we approach and understand the medieval history and the terms that are going to be used, sources in the Macedonian team told MIA.

Despite the differences, the members of the Committee made certain remarks regarding the general problems that exist in the textbooks in both countries and had the opportunity, as they say, to tell each other what is bothering them in those textbooks.