Tens of thousands Macedonians brave freezing weather to protest country’s name change


Over 30 buses never made it to the protest after police prevented citizens from entering the Macedonian capital. Buses were stopped, entered by police and records were made of all passengers. All entrances to Skopje were blocked.

However, despite police efforts and the extremely unfavorable weather conditions (mixture of freezing snow and rain), tens of thousands attended the protest against changing Macedonia’s name.

Both young and old showed up to the protest. From 5 to 85 years old.

Posted by Expres.mk on Sunday, November 18, 2018


Of course, there were those who weren’t invited and showed up. Bachev and several shady characters appeared, joined by handful of Soros backed media personalities. Their job was to cause and incident and film it. However, they were not allowed to join the protest, and stood behind the podium. After a brief period they left the same way the showed up – together.

The most disturbing aspect of the protest were the speakers. Todor Petrov and Solza Grceva. Petrov is of dubious character at best, friend of Mijalkov, while Grceva was a high ranking SDS official. Surely, better people should have been on the podium.

  • Golden shekels

    stand up and take our country back brothers smret ilie salboda

    • Legenda Patriot

      The guillotine will be too merciful for these maggots! I want them hung up to die a slow death!

  • jj

    The children of Macedonia (see bottom photo) deserve to have their country and heritage protected.