Thank you Russia! Moscow Bans Macedonian trucks who use illegal name


Offiicial Moscow does not recognize Macedonia’s unconstitutional name which was changed through a highly illegal parliamentary procedure by an illegitimate Government. As a result the Russian Federation had a quiet surprise in store – it has banned all Macedonian trucks and vehicles whose declared documents contain the word ‘North‘ from entering the country.

One of the contracted truckers has already sent a copy of an official e-mail correspondence with the customs authorities in Russia, which he shared with Macedonian media clearly stating that trucks must return back to Macedonia and will not be allowed entry with the illegal name.

Zaev’s junta will cost Macedonia’s agriculture millions of dollars as Russia was a major market for Macedonian produce.

  • Legenda Patriot

    We all know what the solution to this problem is. Only one solution! Get rid of all the corrupt illegitimate turds who are destroying our country. Why isn’t anyone waking up to this disaster?

  • Golden shekels

    i hope this is true

  • V.M.

    Ete vi mala pomosh od Rusija.

  • neutrinoz

    “lllegal name” is the term that qualifies this nebulousness perfectly.
    And the rivers will flow where once have flown. Boycott.

  • V.M.

    I like the fact there is no comment from the Government junta. They are waiting on guidance from the US Embassy… f-ing hilarious. Clueless sons of criminal bitches.