The Economist: There are too many damn Italians on Italy’s football squad


The Economist published a bizarre article bemoaning the lack of diversity in the Italian football team, with some asking if the same complaint would be made about Nigeria or Ghana.

“The most striking aspect of Italy’s 26-man squad before it took to the pitch was that, alone among the main contenders, it did not include a single player considered as being of colour,” tweeted the globalist publication.

The article goes on to suggest that the team’s victory over England in the final of the Euros was a “victory…for the Italian right,” presumably because England’s first team included several black players while Italy’s starting 11 didn’t contain any.

However, demographic statistics illustrate how it’s perfectly normal for Italy to have no black players.

Unlike in numerous other European countries, Italy’s black population is relatively low – around 1.5 per cent while more than 92 per cent of the country is ethnically Italian or white.

This means that out of Italy’s 26 man squad for the Euros, you would statistically expect only 0.39 of their squad players to be black.

In reality, Italy took one black squad player to the Euros – Moise Kean – so black players were overrepresented in the Italy squad compared to national demographics.

The reason Kean didn’t start the match is because he’s not good enough compared to Italy’s raft of other attacking talent, it has nothing to do with his skin colour.

Respondents to the article asked why only white countries get grilled over their lack of “diversity,” while the same interrogation isn’t made of non-white countries.

“Why does the media only notice when European teams lack diversity?” asked Keith Woods. “Can you imagine anyone complaining that the Ghana team doesn’t have any white players?”

Woods then noted how Croatia’s 2018 World Cup team was also bashed for being all white, despite the fact that Croatia’s population is virtually entirely white.

BBC News also recently highlighted the supposed racism of the fact that rural areas of England are 98 per cent white.

“Racism now just means European people existing in their ancestral homelands,” commented Woods.