The Lion whisperer befriends dozens of lions


South African Kevin Richardson is a true lion whisperer. What started as simple play with two lion cubs turned into a life long passion for Richardson. He has defied lion “experts” by having the ability to form friendships not just with lions that he has raised since they were cubs, but with adult lions who have joined his preserve just outside of Johannesburg.

South African TV, BBC and the Australian ABC have all made documentaries about Richardson, bringing him great deal of exposure and millions of youtube hits which in turn allowed the South African to purchase few thousand acres of land where he’s taking care of an ever increasing number of lions.

The bond between Richardson and the lions is remarkable. Lioness are giving him their newborn cubs, which is unheard of as they are extremely protective. Despite their great fear of water, a lioness is seen jumping towards Kevin in a river, the level of trust and intellect they have is astonishing.

Kevin says lions are just like people, they all have their own character. You cannot get along with everyone. As a result, the South African says lions with tougher characters will create problems not just among the group, but with himself as well. However, overall he says they all behaved well.

Kevin had recently taken on two more lions from Spain who were badly malnourished. They too act and greet Kevin as if they have known him their entire life. It’s a bit bizarre, as if the lions have an office meeting in which the new arrivals are told who Kevin is and not to mess with him.

Needless to say, what Kevin is doing is quite dangerous, considering on average a lion weighs around 230 kg and they pack a punch. But, despite the dangers, Kevin says if he had to do everything over again, he’d do precisely the same thing. It appears that animals are much, much more intelligent than people give them credit. The South African is determined to ensure lions thrive if not in Africa where their numbers have fallen by 70%, at least on his preserve.

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  • V.M.

    And I can’t even get my dog to sit when I tell him to. I say sit, he goes outside, I tell him come inside, he sits.
    And this guy is wrestling lions..