The Murtino amoeba goes to welcome Macedonian team after being told he is not welcome


Never miss an opportunity for a photo op… With a moral and ethical values of a single celled amoeba, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev descended to the border to welcome the Macedonian national team who after their historic European qualification stayed on the pitch to sing “One name we have, and it’s Macedonia”. Of course, the SDSM psychopath who changed the country’s name felt it was the perfect opportunity to ‘welcome’ the team and attend a photo-op session. For one to feel embarrassed, one needs to have a conscience.

Media and the citizenry couldn’t make it more obvious to Zaev that he wasn’t welcome really anywhere, but see for yourself in the video below. We can’t translate the chants as they are all x-rated.

While Zaev was “welcoming” the team, his psychopaths at the SDSMDUI worked until 4am removing videos from youtube and facebook on grounds of “copyright” where Macedonian players and broadcasters issue patriotic statements and sing songs.