Macedonia’s quisling Zoran Zaev resigns, this time for real


Zoran Zaev submitted his resignation as Prime Minister to the Parliament this afternoon. Zaev is resigning after the major defeat his SDSM party suffered in the local elections in October, and after the complete collapse of his signature foreign policy pledge – that by making concessions with its national identity, Macedonia will be allowed to open EU accession talks.

Previously Zaev resigned as SDSM party leader, and now plans to install his successor to that position, little known former telecom executive Dimitar Kovacevski, as the next Prime Minister.

Curiously, and not surprisingly, Zaev did not have the decency to address the Parliament and detail his decision to resign. He made his move on the day President Stevo Pendarovski had his annual address to the Parliament, and simply posted a photograph of himself leaving the Government building on his social media accounts.

The Sun appeared as Macedonia’s quisling exited the Government facility.