The Zoker already changing his mind on ‘early’ elections


Is ground being prepared to postpone the elections? Such an impression was made by Zaev’s statement, when answering MP Antonio Milososki’s question whether it is okay to appoint ambassadors before the elections, responding that “there will be no new government in April, May, or in June. ”

This raises the dilemma of whether Zaev will again try to postpone the elections as he did twice as an opposition leader, or is convinced he will win the elections and remain in power.

Political circles have speculated that the reason for the postponement of the elections this time will be the NATO accession protocol, which should be ratified by our Parliament after it is passed by all member states of the Alliance.

Zaev is already using the “NATO ratification” in speeches to postpone the early elections who are ironically becoming ever so close to being regular elections.

  • Macedonian Forever

    He is a fucking lying bastard. It looks like they all are. No integrity, no pride, no dignity. Let’s see if anyone in Macedonia has any morale fiber left. Does anyone have the soul not to spit on their ancestors graves and keep our Holy name as it should be MACEDONIA,

  • Tony

    That ship has sailed the country has no future.