Theater: Rashkovski detained


Early this morning, Dragi Raskovski was detained for questioning.

We remind that following the public pressure, the former Secretary General, Dragi Raskovski, resigned from his post in the Government. The resignation came after a series of scandals which the Anti-Corruption Commission is investigating.

The Anti-Corruption Commission informed yesterday that Dragi Raskovski’s resignation from the post Government Secretary for monitoring and support of institutions will not affect the procedure in cases related to him.

Raskovski’s name has recently been linked to a series of accusations by the opposition, with several cases being monitored by the Anti-Corruption Commission, some of which are under investigation by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Some of them are “Leonardo”, “MoI Software”, “SUV car”…

Update: Judge Dimishkova, the same judge who freed Zaev in the bribery scandal, ordered Rashkovski under house arrest, and not jail as the prosecutor demanded.

MINA finds the detainment of Rashkovski was arranged via previous agreement with Zaev. To fool the public, the public prosecution office will likely charge Rashkovski with the least possible offence. Similarly to Den Donchev who was fined by the Anti-Corruption Agency a whopping 150 euros.