There is No French Proposal, but demands by Bulgarian fascists pushed through Macron


MINA finds from sources within the SDSM who are outraged by Osmani and Kovachevski that the supposed French proposal has literally nothing to do with France, instead it is 100% written by Bulgarian fascists in Sofia.

To enable easier “sell” of this insane deal where Macedonia de-facto is dismembered, gives up all of its history and language to Bulgaria, Macron was asked to facilitate the deal as an alleged independent and unbiased party, that way the Macedonian public would have an easier time swallowing it.

Paris has nothing to do with it, the entire proposal is written by the fascists in Sofia, and among things such as “Macedonian language is a dialect of Bulgarian” and all of the Macedonian revolutionary heroes (Delchev, Gruev, Sandanski, Guli…) are Bulgarian, it also includes a lengthy passage on the administrative rights of “Bulgarians” in Albania, the areas of Golo Brdo, Prespa, Korcha, Kukes, Elbasan and other areas where “Bulgarians” lived.

In other words, Osmani, Kovachevski and the rest of the quislings in Macedonian Government are not just selling Macedonian history, language and people in Macedonia, but they are selling Macedonians in the neighboring states as well.