These Passports are Banned at Least in One Country


Having a passport that can access a large number of countries without the need of getting a visa, is a dream for many, in particular for passionate and adventurous travelers.

While many world citizens have the luck of holding such passports, like the Japanese, Italians, and Germans, others live with the pain of holding a passport that not only grants them visa-free access to a very limited number of countries, but some of these passports are also banned by various other countries, VisaGuide.World reports.

According to a recent Passport Index published by VisaGuide.World, which is the first ever to rank passports in a more comprehensive and accurate way, the passports of several world countries, are banned by some governments.

While some are banned from only one country, there are others banned in as many as 15 world countries.

The passports of the following countries are banned by only one other country:

  1. Malaysian passport is banned by North Korea
  2. Armenian passport by Azerbaijan
  3. The Sudanese passport by Libya
  4. North Korean passport by Japan
  5. Taiwanese passport by Georgia
  6. Iranian passport by Libya

The Syrian passport is banned in two countries – in Libya and Mali, whereas the Somalian one is banned in Canada and New Zealand.

The United States passport is also banned in three world countries – Cuba, North Korea, and Syria. By three countries is banned the Palestinian passport too, which are Georgia, Madagascar, and Syria.

Regarding passport power, amongst these countries, the US passport ranks highest in the 37th position, while Malaysia sits in the 46th spot and Taiwan in 71st.

And while Armenia ranks 122nd, all the others rank at the bottom of the index, with Iran listed 184th, North Korea 190th, Sudan 191st,  and Syria 198th.