They know something: Serbia puts massive fence on Macedonian border


Just a day after Zaev and Ahmeti announced their Government agreement, Serbian authorities began to erect a fence on the border with Macedonia, in the area of Presevo. This part of the border is notorious for the frequent movement of illegal migrants, who cross Macedonia after entering through Greece, and use villages on the Macedonian side of the border as staging grounds while they wait for an opportune moment to enter Serbia.

I believe that the border is meant to be added assurance toward border security for refugees moving toward the EU. I myself have strong reservations over this approach toward refugees, said Sciprim Arifi, head of the Presevo municipal council.

The area of Presevo, which is majority Albanian, also had an active insurgency in 2000. Macedonia itself has a similar fence near Gevgelija, on the border with Greece, to prevent illegal migrants from crossing over, however migrants now seem to enter Macedonia via highways unobstructed by anyone.