Third debacle for Zaev in a row – 60 rent-a-people in Valandovo


Zaev’s struggles continue in Valandovo this afternoon as merely 60 people appeared on his campaign to promote the country’s name change.

We weren’t able to find out what happened to his 4 buses packed with people from Strumica and Makedonski Brod who were following Zaev first in Kochani and then in Shtip. One logical explanation is that Zaev’s rent-a-people needed rest, as majority of them were pensioners.

Next stop for Zaev is Dojran.

Meanwhile, here is Zaev’s support in Valandovo.

Заев со транспарент „Само една има вистина, има една Македонија“ пречекан во Валандово, мал број граѓани на неговата трибина (ФОТО)

And here is SDS support in Shuto Orizari:

Lastly, we couldn’t obtain photo for Dimitrov’s speech in Tetovo, which was apparently attended by 4 people, all four were his security team.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Stupid imbecile! His time is rapidly approaching!

  • Ozzie

    The sooner he vanishes the better we can breathe, Stoka 🐖

  • R_U_Jhoking

    No matter what the fake news says or his western puppet masters the patriots know the truth and will not surrender the country to that traitor and his cohorts.

  • Legenda Patriot

    I really hope that the general population in Macedonia really understand how much support there is from all Macedonian expatriates overseas. These scum led by this clown need to be made to repay all the money they have stolen and then wiped out. We don’t them to ever breed again. Remove them from the gene pool!