This is how Macedonia’s name will be changed by SDS & DPNE Traitors


We have already reported on multiple occasions, there is a consensus between traitors in DPNE, SDS, president Ivanov and the Courts to change Macedonia’s name.

It’s difficult to give a precise time-frame for the name change, however judging by Baily’s relentless meetings with Zaev, Shekerinska, Spasovski and the rest of the gang, we’re looking at between 8-12 months at the most.

This is how the entire scenario will unfold:

I. All politicians, from all political parties, both in Government and opposition are working on how to fool the public that the name change will actually only change the acronym at the UN. However, this change will defacto become the new name of the country, used by everyone in the world. 131 countries that have recognized Macedonia as Macedonia will be all for nothing.
The constitutional name will be only for internal use. Namely, this also meets Athens main request for ‘Macedonia’ to be used only internally, and externally to have a different name.
Dimitrov is already working on this.

II. No one noticed that the traitors at DPNE have written a program which approves the name change. In their official program, DPNE states “VMRO-DPMNE will not accept change of the Constitution with a goal of changing the constitutional name“. This is a clever word play by the quislings. What it needs to say is “Will not accept the change of Macedonia’s constitutional name“. The name, identity, language can (will) be changed without changing the Constitution.

III. Gruevski and the DPNE is already working on assisting Zaev and the SDS to manipulate the public that the acronym at the UN will be changed, and this is great for the country. Once the new name in the UN is inserted, that’s all she wrote.

IV. Changing the name will transform the country into a geographical territory. By entering NATO, this new geographical name will become an area, a zone that needs to be divided among the neighbors, as unidentified people live there. It is for this reason Zaev announced he will seek understanding from Albania, Bulgaria and Greece, not for entering NATO.

Once Macedonia is inserted into the Alliance, it can no longer seek help from anyone as defacto becomes an “internal matter” of the alliance.

  • V.M.

    Not to worry, the Courts will take action, they just need more time to gather evidence for the Coup.

    • LXV

      LOL! Reminds me of the Japs’ government reaction when Fukushima blew up: they broadcasted the message “Please do not worry” on national TV…