Three diplomats cause panic at MoFA over coronavirus


Three Macedonian diplomats stirred panic at the Macedonian Foreign Ministry after their colleagues learned that the they had been in contact with persons and environments considered to be high-risk sources of coronavirus transmission.

One of them was on ski trip in Bansko, Bulgaria at a critical time when the virus spread, after which went back to work for ten days. Only after some colleagues insisted did the diplomat stop going to work.

The second diplomat who has been in contact with citizens of high-risk countries is on the list of new Macedonian ambassadors who was to go on a mission ahead of the election.

She was in contact with a close family member who came from a high-risk country but continued to go to work in the MoFA. Some of her colleagues say she had a cough but did not know if she showed any other symptoms of Covid-19.

The third diplomat who caused chaos and panic at the Foreign Ministry last weekend left for Istanbul, where he stayed for only one day and returned to Skopje before the government in Ankara closed the airport, after which he continued to go to work.

Many Macedonian diplomats are now in doubt whether they should go to work on Monday.