Another coup in Macedonia as US Embassy operative David Stephenson holds 3 MPs hostage in Parliament


Three lawmakers at the moment are locked up in Parliament and blackmailed by local CIA head David Stephenson. That’s right. A Foreign Intel Officer is Holding 3 Macedonian MPs locked up in an office in Parliament. Wrap your head around that! 

The three MPs are under unprecedented pressure to vote on constitutional changes – stated the leader of United Macedonia, Janko Bacev who is in front of Parliament with protesters. The information was confirmed by MPs inside Parliament. This is the second time the US Embassy intervenes and forces Macedonian MPs to vote for changing the country’s name.

We have information that the session has been postponed because three MPs do not want to accept the demands of BESA and AA and have refused to vote, now these three MPs are locked up in one of the offices in Parliament, where David Stephenson is persuading (threatens and blackmail them) to vote” Bachev said in front of the protesters.

He called on the Public Prosecutor and the Army to intervene in Parliament because a coup is happening, President Ivanov is not present, but we have a US Intelligence Officer, David Stephenson present in Parliament threatening our MPs.

A group of citizens, despite the cold weather and the snow, today protested in front of Macedonian Parliament against constitutional changes and renaming the country. They say the protest is for the defense of the Macedonian name, identity, history and tradition of the Macedonian people and against, as they state, “the greatest national treason”.

  • neutrinoz

    Just a brief peek in pax muricana.

  • Billy

    Our strategic enemies at work. If I were Macedonian Prime Minister the first thing I would do is Close the US Embassy.
    There will be instant peace in the country.