Tirana says Gruevski strolled in Albania, went to Hungarian Embassy … but did he?


MINA knew Gruevski was having a cup of coffee at the Hungarian Embassy, however, we missed the location.
Official Tirana confirmed an individual named “Nikola Gruevski” entered their country legally, and due to the fact there was no international warrant issued in his name he was allowed to proceed – reported Albania’s Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Gruevski then went to Hungary’s Embassy where he requested political asylum. With a vehicle belonging to the Hungarian Embassy, Gruevski crossed into Montenegro… says Albania in their “official” story riddled with holes.

The question is, how did Gruevski enter Albania? With local id, foreign passport? How did Macedonian police and customs let him through fully knowing he was awaiting sentencing… There has been no response on the Macedonian side, apart from the plethora of fake stories from the SDS run media. In addition, Jess Baily has certainly failed to inform both Macedonia/Albania/Montenegro what their “joint” story ought to be.

Montenegro had zero comments on the story up until half an hour ago where they too issued a very brief presser that Gruevski had indeed entered Montenegro.
But then how did he make it to Hungary? By Plane? Through Serbia? Why go through two countries to get to Serbia? How was Gruevski entering and exiting Albania and Montenegro where a passport stamp is required in both instances. Officially he had no passport on him.

It appears Gruevski had crossed more borders than he needed to? And for some reason Albania and Montenegro (both US puppet protectorates) are in on the lies that are being published.

From what we know, and we knew this on November 11, Gruevski exited Macedonia through our north border, and went to Budapest via Serbia. Both crossings were not registered (illegal) and was assisted at both the Macedonian/Serbian side and the Serbian/Hungarian side. Everyone was in on this and helped. Everything else is a continued distraction from the treason in Parliament.