To distract from marijuana business and arrival of Afghans, Macedonia inflates Covid cases


Covid has become the best way to distract the public from criminal activities within the Government. Every country is using it, Macedonia has certainly perfected it.

And how do you deal with insane policies like taking orders from America to house Afghan militia men, and keep in mind the US is the very country who bombed Aegean Macedonians in Greece with napalm and made them refugees! Or how to distract the public from the import of 8.5t of marijuana ordered by Zaev’s narco cartel, all paid for ($85m) with taxpayers money?

Welcome to Covid-19, the solution to all problems. Macedonia’s Health Minister Venko Filipce has been lying through his teeth for over a year now. His health policies have been if not insane, certainly illegal and absurd. Filipce tweaks Covid’s number as he and Zaev see it fit. When they need the numbers to be down, then, the positive Covid cases are less than 10. When distractions are needed, or a specific political agenda is under way, the Covid cases somehow go from 15 to 1,000 positives per day.

When Filipce was caught lying about his absurd 7-10,000 alleged daily Covid tests which could never happened due to lack of capacity, he changed his strategy. Over the past week, Filipce and the Health Ministry no longer report how many tests were done, instead, they only report the ‘positive’ Covid cases, which they are absolutely misreporting and lying about as well. There are speculations that SDSM and DUI have catastrophic ratings in the polls weeks before local elections and are inflating Covid cases to postpone the elections.