To Milenko ….


Popular Macedonian journalist Milenko Nedelkovski called us out on his blog the other day over our report on the formation of an organization dubbed ‘Government of the People’.

Milenko appears to have issues with the names listed there, claiming MINA made up the list and calling me out personally!?

We’ve been “called out” before, namely the Greek and Bulgarian Governments, cocaine addict Edi Rama, and few years ago fakenews CNN. We took the high road and provided no response to any of them.

But, I’ll respond to Milenko, simply because we like him.

Here is the thing Milenko, we verify our information before publishing it, which apparently is not something you do. In your blog, you attack us first, and then literally the next sentence you claim you’ll speak to Mirka Velinovska to verify the information and the list!? Isn’t verification usually the first thing you’d want to do?

Second, the list itself, who is on it, is irrelevant. You seem to have some issues with the names there ( we do too), but we’re not sure how you tied the list to MINA. People were nominated (not by MINA) from a citizens movement which was then published in Dnevnik and Kurir.

Below is the same list we published, just like Dnevnik and Kurir, but this time straight from the organization itself, and here is the actual letter by the “Government of the People” movement sent to president Ivanov, who as we all know didn’t heed their advice.


Lastly, a word of advice. If you’re going to attack someone, have proof to back it up – it’s just simple logic and how things work in general. Stay classy Milenko.

  • Goran Stavreski

    Milenko is losing it, for someone who is in the middle of it, he seems fairly detached from things…

  • Goran Stavreski

    Milenko is obsessed about better ratings so to improve his ratings attacks MINA … lol

  • Valentin

    watch the interview Milenko does with Mirka Velinovska in 2009, interesting as the things she quoted seemed to happen in 2017?

    • V.M.

      Velinovska is a class of her own, probably the top journalist in Europe, alongside Assange.
      She outed every single traitor at home working for the CIA and MI6, and I mean every single one of them publicly. Not one of them has been eliminated, in fact, their ranks in Government has increased!?!

      She even outed the MI6 team that tried to assassinate and failed the Serb president at the time (Koshtunica).
      Frankly, it’s not hard to predict any of this, the CIA has a “plan of action” that they do not deviate from no matter what…. well unless someone takes out the makers of the plan.

      Ah yes, Milenko is all pissed off that his name was not put on the list. Chill out, mine wasn’t there but I don’t throw hissy fitts about it.