To preserve name and statehood, Macedonians form National Assembly


Congratulations to the Macedonian people! A government of the Macedonian people, for the Macedonian people was officially formed as most of us welcomed the New Year. From this day forward, there is only one legitimate Government, the People’s Government!

The future of the Macedonian people and statehood from now on is in our national hands and its future and defense depends only on us and no one else. The National Assembly, on their first session on December 31st, provided an institutional and legal framework for the continuation of the Macedonian statehood against the foreign installed and illegitimate criminal Government!

This documents drafted in the first National Assembly were sent to relevant local and international bodies. It’s of interest to note, both the SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE financed media ignored this historic document. Entire document available here.


The National Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia was established on December 31st 2018 at the first session where it adopted the proclamation for the establishment and adopted the first and historic Decrees on January 1st and prepares the Second Session in the National Assembly which will be soon held in a free Republic of Macedonia, in the following days, weeks, months and as a result of the general Macedonian resistance and disobedience to its erasing from the world’s family of states.

The National Assembly, drawing its legitimacy from the stolen Macedonian patriotic electoral vote, from the massive two-year protests, boycotts, blockades, petitions, legal and international initiatives in Macedonia and around the world, as well as from the massively boycotted treasonous referendum on September 30, 2018, expects in the following days, weeks the quick collapse of illegitimate authorities unsupported by all people at home and abroad, with the exception of several illegitimate representatives of the global militant fascism. In case of continuing lack of virtue for electoral democratic verification of the electoral unchecked and disapproved actions of the illegitimate junta and continued dictatorial rule with the use of force by mercenaries, the National Assembly has prepared an institutional and legal framework for long-term security of the Macedonian state continuity in the following months and years, with providing food and clothing for the strong fighters and defenders of Macedonia through partisan squads in the global revolution, together with fraternal freedom-loving nations against global anti-people, corrupt, militant and fascist elites.

For this purpose, we are informing you that bodies have been set up, a presidium of the National Assembly of 5 members composed of committee presidents – top professionals in their fields – presidium may be expanded up to 9 members (with a possible change in the composition of the current 5 members) as well as appointed presidents of Constitutional, Defense, Economic, International affairs and Justice committees. Proposals for candidates for the composition of the Interim Technical Government are at this moment being considered.

To all Macedonian people, from this day moving forward, the power is restored back in  your hands, the legal, constitutional and institutional continuity of the Republic of Macedonia as your state is secured, and all decisions from April 27, 2017 to this day, including any future decisions made by illegitimate institutions, are declared invalid. Support your people’s institutions by boycotting the illegitimate foreign puppets and by placing under the authority of the people’s government as an individual, as a professional and through membership in the Macedonian parties, organizations, movements, clubs, associations that are on the forefront of the struggle for survival and preservation of statehood of the Macedonian people in our ancient land.

With this, the National Assembly on January 1st announces the return of the power to the people and the seizure of the legislative and executive power from the illegitimate and externally appointed occupying Parliament and government and begins the struggle for the preservation of Macedonia by adopting and publishing the following decrees (below given in full):

Decree No. 1. Adoption of composition and working bodies, rules of procedure, program of work and agenda for the First Session of the National Assembly (PUBLIC DOCUMENT)
Decree No. 2. Informing the President of the Republic about the convened First Session of the National Assembly and the subsequent taking of the legislative power by the National Assembly until the new elections. (SENT TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA GJORJEV IVANOV)
Decree No. 3. Commencement of the renewal of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia in the spirit of the 1991 Constitution and the ASNOM spirit. (INTERNAL DOCUMENT)
Decree No. 4. Formation of the People’s Liberation Forces of the Republic of Macedonia from the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, the Units of the Ministry of Interior, the Spatial Composition and the Voluntary Patriotic Sectors. (INTERNAL DOCUMENT, TO BE MADE PUBLIC LATER)
Decree No. 5. Informing the International Factors for the Takeover of Legislative Power by the National Assembly. (SENT TO INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS AND COUNTRIES MEMBERS OF THE UN)
Decree No. 6. Establishment of the Transitional Technical Government for organizing new elections and collecting proposals for candidates for its composition. (INTERNAL DOCUMENT)
Decree No. 7. Adopt a political, economic, social and security program for work and implementation by the transitional Technical Government. (INTERNAL DOCUMENT)
Decree No. 8. Informing about the takeover of the legislative power by the National Assembly and the executive by the Technical Government and by putting all Macedonian state bodies, agencies, institutions, administration from municipal to national level under its control of the new elections within 6 months. (SENT TO ALL INSTITUTIONS)

Macedonian people, Congratulations on your freedom!

Macedonia Eternal

Technical Secretariat of the National Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia

  • Goran Stavreski

    Нормално дека ова не им одговара на лигушите во ДПНЕ затоа што Бејли им обеќа дека глушецот Мицко ќе го турел премиер на Северна. Ова за нив е конкуренција. Нека цркнат. За СДС да не зборам.

  • V.M.

    I like this…

    • Legenda Patriot

      Da ziveje nasata Makedonia. Smrt na site gnasni predavnici! Prv na red je majmunot Zaev.

  • strav

    Zaev and his chronies must be shot and US embassy burned down!

  • Wolf

    Guys. What is this in layman terms please? And is this legit?

    • V.M.

      It is legit. In layman’s terms we now have a parallel Government and parallel Parliament being formed, since both are currently working against the people.
      The names of the individuals I would imagine are being kept secret… for obvious reasons.

      • Wolf

        Thank you V.M. To any one who reads this below!!!
        A warning.
        If 1 Person is compromised in this parallel Government or if this whole entity is a set up by an external force.
        Then Macedonia will be made a laughing stock!! AROUND THE WORLD.
        Tread carefully to all.
        I will be watching and I’m sure others will be watching too.

  • Dobre

    Finally the people will control our ancient land again, and no Greek pederi tell us nothing!! Maco celsko power