Todor Petrov argues for illegality of Xhaferi’s election for Parliament Speaker at Constitutional Court


The president of World Macedonian Congress, Todor Petrov has requested for the Constitutional Court to nullify the election of Talat Xhaferi for Parliament speaker, MINA finds.

Petrov expects his case to be accepted because Xhaferi’s election is unconstitutional and unlawful. He explains “four articles of the Macedonian constitution were broken and seven laws from Parliament’s lawbook and guidelines. At the same time, SDS and DUI committed five additional criminal acts. I expect the Court to nullify this circus, it is his basic duty.

Petrov also says illegal documents fabricated on April 27 show Goran Misovski elected as deputy speaker. Who elected and at what time was SDSM’s Goran Misovski elected as a deputy speaker? Who called a new session after Parliament speaker Trajko Veljanovski closed the session. Who elected Ferid Muhic for session delegate, and how did his deputy got elected? Not a single person has provided an answer to any of this – says Petrov who in Macedonia is famous since 1991 as an independent MP and an expert in Constitutional and legal affairs.

Petrov says he doesn’t understand who would dare to publish Xhaferi’s name as Parliament speaker in the official Gazette knowing he was unlawfully elected.

The president of the Macedonian Congress states the Parliament session needs to continue its work from April 27 with the legitimate Parliament speaker Trajko Veljanovski.

Although we all expected VMRO-DPMNE will be the ones to press charges in Court, it’s private citizens like Todor Petrov who are doing the work.