Top Russian MP compares Trump to Hitler: making the same moves


Two years of Donald Trump’s presidency has brought the international situation back to the moment when Hitler came to power, according to three-star Russian General Vladimir Shamanov.

Speaking at a briefing for foreign military attaches, Shamanov recalled that Hitler had begun preparing Germany for war just two years after coming to power. “Trump has been at the helm for two years, and we see the parallels,” he said.

The general, who is head of the lower house’s Committee on Defense, also warned non-nuclear nations that participation in US-led nuclear drills could make them the target of a retaliatory strike by Russia in the event of conflict.

“Along with regular weapons, Americans could stock you with nuclear ones,” he explained. “We have to take it into account and you could become our priority strike targets, you have to be aware of it.”

The “eagerness” of some European countries to deploy military assets on their territories “raises eyebrows,” Shamanov added.

Military attaches from 90 countries attended the annual briefing in the lower house of Russia’s parliament, which the general noted was a higher attendance than usual. However, the US delegation didn’t respond to an invitation “for the first time in many years,” he added.