Transition Government signs contract for building new Clinic


Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Nikola Todorov signed on Friday a contract with a consortium that includes Granit, Beton and the Italian INSO company to build the new Mother Teresa clinic center in Skopje. The major healthcare investment project is valued at 72 million EUR and its construction should be completed in 45 months.

Italian teams worked together with experts from Spain, Germany, Greece and other countries over the past four years to plan the project, that will be build within the current central clinical complex in Skopje.

“The existing Mother Teresa center is the largest healthcare complex in Macedonia and the construction of the new clinic center will set new standards of healthcare quality. There are people who wish for something to happen, and then there are people who make it happen. I worked very hard with my team on this, and we had the full support of the Government and the Prime Minister. This is not only our project, it is a national project for the whole of Macedonia, because good healthcare knows nothing about ethnic or other backgrounds, and helps all citizens equally”, said Todorov.

Currently, the Mother Teresa complex has 32 independent facilities with 3.400 employees and anually serves more than 800.000 patients. The new building will have 47.000 square meters on 10 floors and will come equipped with a helipad. Todorov said that it will offer top of the line patient accommodation and healthcare services and will include state of the art systems, including in management, energy efficiency and movement of biological samples.