Trudeau and Freeland Invited the Nazi to Parliament, But Speaker took the fall


Canada’s Parliament speaker was ordered to take the fall for the invitation of SS Waffen Yaroslav Hunka in the heart of Ottawa. Allegedly, it was only the Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons Anthony Rota who knew the Nazi and so he resigned his post calling the entire situation an “error”.

But not so fast. 

Canada’s FM Chrystia Freeland whose own grandfather was a Nazi (it’s not a secret) knew Yaroslav Hunka for years. How well did she know him? Yaroslav Hunka received a Medal of Merit from the Canadian Congress of Ukrainians in 2007! This organization is directly connected to Trudeau and Freeland. 


Trudeau apologized to Zelensky for hosting a SS Galicia veteran. But the SS Galician division is glorified in Ukraine. So why apologizing for hosting their hero?