Tsipras gives Zaev 24 hrs on “Severna Makedonija”, without translation


According to the information provided by the Greek newspaper “Ta Nea”, tomorrow, it is expected that there will be quick changes in the name negotiations between Athens and Skopje.

Zoran Zaev’s answer whether he accepts the final Greek proposal agreed in New York between Dimitrov and Kotzias will show the roadmap throughout the case.

The Greek proposal is “Severna Makedonija” with no English translation. Zaev has 24 hrs to respond.

As the Greek newspaper writes, if the answer is positive, then Zaev will have a telephone conversation with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

If Macedonia does not give a positive answer in the text it is said that then the negotiations will fail and both countries miss the chance to find a deal, especially at this time.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    So instead of improving the economy and living standards this illegal government wants to waste peoples time and divide the nation further with this rubbish.

  • Legenda Patriot

    It is total rubbish! Actually it is offensive political bullshit from a country that we owe nothing to and don’t answer to. Where else in the world has this bullshit been allowed to happen? Let’s see if any other country would allow themselves to be humiliated in this way. Get rid of these criminals now!!!!

  • I’m back

    I’m back Mina report
    Thank god for zaev

  • I’m back

    I hope you don’t agree to the new name
    So your ilegitamit country can stay in
    the wilderness without NATO or the EU
    all by your lonely self and the soon to be
    Two thirds Albanian majority!!!!

  • I’m back

    I’m Back Mina report
    Just getting my comments in quickly before
    you idiots ban me again. Then I’ll just get another email