Tuesday Humor: CIA pushes for Nobel “Peace” Prize for Zaev and Tsipras


If the creator of ISIS, Barack Obama can get a Nobel with 2 days in office… what stops Zaev and Tsipras from getting one!?

That’s right, there is a push by the US Deep State, the creator and main backer of the genocidal CIA Agreement that erases Macedonian identity, language and culture to nominate the signatories of the “agreement” Zaev and Tsipras for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Similarly to the Referendum fiasco that saw the Prime Ministers of all major European countries under US control line up in Macedonia to push citizens to vote, today the 2015 former Nobel Peace Prize winner somehow found her way in Macedonia!

A Tunisian Nobel Peace Prize winner on Tuesday nominated Macedonia and Greece’s puppets Zaev and Tsipras for the once prestigious award which has dramatically lost both its luster and respect world-wide.

Speaking at FON University in Skopje, Wided Bouchamaoui, who was in Tunisian democracy groups that won the Nobel Peace prize in 2015, said she was “honoured” to nominate the men for the 2019 bid, even though unsure what they did and who they were. What an embarrassment for this woman to even take part in this.

Now, who sent this individual to Skopje? How was this arranged? Was Wided sent by the same people that ordered Merkel and Theresa May in Skopje? It’s clear the authors of the CIA Prespa Agreement are absolutely dedicated in their efforts to continue selling it and publicizing the genocidal document.

The chances for Zaev and Tsipras to get the Nobel Peace Prize is virtually zero. But then again, don’t underestimate the CIA and Norwegians… the word quisling did come from Norway.

Meanwhile, the Dean of FON University Nano Ruzin, a well known SDSM ideologue, compared Zaev to Ghandi.
Sorry Ghandi.

Who esle was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize? This guy…

  • Goran Stavreski

    Remember when USAid backed “NGO” out of Bosnia awarded Zaev “Europe’s Mayor of the Year” in 2016 while Zaev was being investigated for 10 different crimes in Strumica (where he was a mayor)…
    I am telling you, this people are truly f-ing insane… you can be Hitler, as long as you follow their agenda, you’re the best.
    If you deviate 1% or you oppose anything they ask you to do, then you’re immediately a “dictator” and a regime change operation is underway.

  • Only Liberty Matters

    Can we nominate these two pricks to the firing squad.

  • Goran Stavreski

    Nobel should have an award for the Dumbest Puppets…. Zaev and Tsipras would win it easily… both have combined IQ of 70.