Turkey and Hungary will Not sign draft protocol for Macedonia’s NATO accession?


MINA finds that with each passing day, the chances of Turkey and Hungary not signing the draft Protocol for accession of Macedonia to NATO have exponentially risen!
We tried to verify this information with our contacts in the MFA who admitted “things may head in that direction”.

This is the result of several factors:

– First, Macedonia is a lawless protectorate governed by US Ambassador Jess Baily who oversaw the illegal change of Macedonia’s name, that resulted in an ethnocide of Macedonians, their language, identity and culture.

– A Referendum on changing Macedonia’s name failed. The majority of the country was overwhelmingly against it. Despite Parliament being constitutional obliged to obey the results of the Referendum, it did not.

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– To get rid of political opponents respected by the public, a manufactured trial saw the former PM sentenced to 2 years in prison which resulted in his escape to Hungary, a NATO member. Official Budapest within a week granted Gruevski an asylum and acknowledged Macedonia is a broken lawless state with corrupt Judiciary.

– Macedonia’s Government led by Zaev has continued to finance Zaman, a Turkish media company in Macedonia owned by Fetih Gulen, considered a terrorist by official Ankara. The Turkish Embassy in Macedonia has slammed official Skopje for their move, calling it offensive and unacceptable.

– During Nikola Dimitrov’s visit to Ankara, he represented himself as the FM of “North” Macedonia recently outed by WikiLeaks to be working for the CIA. Dimitrov was corrected by his host that Ankara only recognizes Macedonia. Ankara sent a clear message not to Dimitrov, but to his handlers who dispatched him there.

Conclusion, the Prespa Agreement is still dead, along with the new Macedonian Constitutional amendments.

2 million Macedonians worldwide, and we cannot stress this enough, strongly urge both our traditional allies Turkey and Hungary Not to sign the draft Protocol for accession to NATO. The Prespa Agreement is illegal and Unconstitutional!