Turkey cares more for Macedonian identity than Zaev’s criminal junta


Turkey supports Macedonia in its name clash with Greece as the country has been recognizing its constitutional name since 1991 when it received independence from Yugoslavia, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said Thursday.

Çavuşoğlu held a meeting with his Macedonian counterpart, Nikola Dimitrov, on the occasion of a working visit in which all aspects of bilateral relations were discussed, and the two ministers exchanged views over current regional and multilateral issues, including the name clash between Macedonia and Greece.

This is now what for Macedonians has come down to: Dimitrov to Çavuşoğlu: “North”, Çavuşoğlu to Dimitrov “Macedonia”. Essentially, Macedonians are being abused, negated, sold in a highly fascist manner by their Government representatives as illegitimate as they may be.

At the joint press conference held following the meeting, Çavuşoğlu noted that Turkey recognizes Macedonia by its constitutional name only, implying it doesn’t accept the recent unconstitutional changes, adding Macedonia’s stability in the Balkans is important.

Last week, Macedonia’s shaky Government much to the outrage of its own population signed a deal to allegedly pave its way to NATO membership and normalize relations with neighboring Greece, after lawmakers approved constitutional changes to rename the country into North Macedonia. The move was immediately hailed by NATO, which had lobbied heavily for Macedonia to change its name despite strong criticism from the majority of the country’s population.

  • Billy

    The insanity is the following:
    Macedonia’s name change has NOTHING to do with NATO or the EU. Both Bulgaria and Greece have said they would block Macedonia no matter the “agreements” signed.
    Bulgaria will block the country until Macedonia erases the language, the identity was already sold to Athens.

  • Tony

    Normalisation with Greece is a never.
    Greeks are not a Normal but a race with hate, disrespect, arrogance.

    • Billy

      Their own historians put it nicely: Greeks are NOT an ethnicity. Their culture is based mostly on albanians and Turks. There is a great documentary about this.

      • Deks

        Billy what is this documentary called?

    • Dejan Deez

      Children of the serpent sons of disobedience they need to be more like the cannanite woman get on there knees to the lion of the tribe of Judah !

  • Dobre

    Why even bother to vote when obviously it doesn’t count. Oldest trick in the book. Eu is a failing body of Nazi’s anyways

    • Taylor

      That’s exactly what they want you to do…. give up!!!
      It’s the mindsets like yours….(the quiters) the reason a country gets sliced up into pieces and the identity erased…YOU MUST FIGHT TILL THE END AND NEVER GIVE UP YOUR RIGHT AS A MACEDONIAN

  • strav

    Zaev and his chronies must be shot and US embassy burned down!

  • robert petkoski

    the prespa agreement, the paper that its written on its not even worth to use it for toilet paper

  • Kurle

    It’s not the fault of Greece. But the fault of the corrupt Macedonian politicians and lazy Macedonian people i predict there will be no Macedonia at all within 10 years. The country was partitioned 115 years ago, and that will happen again. Only this time in four pices. Shame on you Macedonians! You sold your self’s out, so don’t blame others for your stupidity.

    • Taylor

      You have a tiny point, however its not the so called corrupt macedonian politicians only, they have all been paid, brainwashed to screw up the country. With the aid of Greeks. Why are they hell bent on this eradication? I’ll tell you….
      They have more to lose than gain, they have more power backed eg: US, Germany that’s the reason Greece is firing up so the attention now gets diverted in the Macedonian parliament they bribe and threaten amongst each other while Greece sits back laughing with their aid…..so the attention will be that the Macedonians screwed up themselves.
      If Greece has an issue with Macedonia about the name why don’t those f*** call themselves Macedonia instead of Greece?
      How can you have north? Who the f*** is south? Greece!
      No, no…..this is all to do with land the Greek govt forced out the Macedonians replaced them with the turks (Pontians) from black sea and mix of Albanian arvanities they all now call themselves Greek but they are not the true Greeks. The true Greek would not care about Macedonia and that land portion they know is not theirs. It’s those turks that moved in, the Greek Govt gave them homes, land etc..back in 1913…..the rightful Macedonians that lived their were either, driven out, murdered, torchered.
      The small remaining 10% were forced to speak Greek, change their name to Greek surnames, and never to speak the macedonian language otherwise they would be killed.
      Greek govt changed all the macedonian village names, and rivers to Greek names etc…why???? And you come on here saying it’s Macedonians fault not GREEKS….you MF, for if I was seeing you right now, id rip your tongue out.
      The Macedonian nation is small after all these surrounding crocodiles took a bite from every angle the parliament got bought out so naturally they sold their own people eh!
      when your hand is forced its not knowing which decision people will take. You just hope it’s right, only this one took the bait dickhead Zaev….
      Interesting you ask any Turk Pontian / Greek and ask why their Govt drove out the Macedonians originally from that section you now call “Greece” changed all the river names, towns into Greek names and forced the poor people to changed their name and identity. They won’t have much to say….they’ll just revert and say its not true always Greece lol…ffs and fools that don’t know the “real” Macedonian heritage and history believe them. Unless you are reading the books that were re-written by a Greek and paid for by their backers…hence they are in so much debt…you have wrong information…