Turkey launches strikes to the south of Idlib province


Earlier in the day, Ikhbariya broadcaster reported that the Turkish military had fired 18 mortars on the villages in Syria’s Hama province from the south of Idlib. 

Anadolu news agency reported Friday citing the Turkish Defence Ministry that the country’s military shelled the area from where Turkey’s observation post in Idlib had been attacked. 

On Thursday, the Turkish Defence Ministry said one soldier had been killed and three had been injuredin the shelling of one of its observation posts in Idlib. The ministry claimed that the shelling had been carried out from the areas controlled by the Syrian government forces and was deliberate. 

The same day, Reuters reported that Russian attache had been summoned to the Turkish military headquarters amid the shellings.

The latest attack on Turkey’s observation post in Idlib occurred on June 13. Following the attack, Russian combat jets carried out four airstrikes on terrorist positions in the region, using coordinates provided by Turkey.