Turkish Intel retrieved body of Russian pilot from terrorists


It has become known that the Idlib militant groups have clashed with one another, at the extradition of the body of the fallen pilot Major Filipov, to Russia.

The body of the pilot was passed on to Turkish intelligence by the militants of “Faylak ash-Sham” – “Sham Corps” (Sham is the ancient name of Syria). Part of this large group are taking part in the Turkish special operation “Olive Branch” in the Kurdish enclave of Afrin.

A video has surfaced where militants argue over who gets the body of the pilot – before its evacuation.

The leaders of Jhabat al-Nusra, through their media wing – the Ebaa agency – accused an ash-Sham militant of stealing the body and passing it on to Turkish intelligence. An hour ago, the al-Nusra issued an official statement, which states that the terrorists planned to exchange Roman Filipov for imprisoned militants.

Supporters of al-Nusra call Faylak ash-Sham “agents of Turkey” and traitors.
The leaders of ash-Sham intend to transfer the case against them to a Sharia court.