Turkish PM: It’s wrong for Macedonia to change name because of other country


Speaking at a joint press conference with Zoran Zaev, Turkish PM Yildirim said: “It is a mistake for another country to determine the name of Macedonia,” reports AP.

Macedonia and Greece have been in dispute over the name of the state for 25 years, and according to Zoran Zaev that dispute must be resolved by the end of the summer.

Zaev and his Turkish counterpart Binali Yildirim held a press conference after the meeting in the Changkai Palace in Ankara, Anatolia reports.

Zaev addressed the name dispute with Greece, albeit differently than his counterpart.

“We discussed this with the Prime Minister. The Republic of Turkey supports and advocates a solution that will be convenient for both parties. A solution that is acceptable to NATO and the EU will also be convenient for us, “Zaev said, who said he hoped for support from friends in finding a solution, considering that the name dispute with Greece lasted 25 years.

  • Its Just Me

    Well, the dispute last much longer than this.. Greece opposed the creation and recognition of the Cyrillic alphabet, which led to Sts. Kiril & Methodius to go to the Pope in Rome, to have his blessings to use the cyrillic alphabet used for all nations that were illiterate… Because then Greece objected that the there are only 3 languages: Greek, Latin and Hebrew. There were decades-long debates between Macedonia and Greece. Decades-long.. Now we just “give up” easily? Whereas Kirill and Methodius fought for it, and it was officially recognized!!! And Greece had to shut up and respect this. Imagine if Kirill and Methodius said . “uh who cares, we can write in Greek. Lets rest.”
    Why were we fighting all the time, why didnt Goce Delcev give up?
    Why didnt Tito surrender to the nazis?
    I mean why do people fight in the world?
    Not because they want to fight, but because you HAVE TO FIGHT when somebody does not respect you.
    If the ONLY REASON TO REACH AN AGREEMENT IS BECAUSE YOU ARE AFRAID – Well THATS NOT GOOD ENOUGH ZAEV: To agree, just so you “avoid fight”:. lets not “Offend our neighbors by being OURSELVES – I mean those are sick neighbors.
    Would you not play music in your room because your neighbor sleeps..ZAEV what if you neighbours says TO NOT EAT AJVAR should we do it?
    Maybe next thing is – NO BUREK ANYMORE, because Greece will be offended?
    We EAT GIROS from now on? Oh lets buy it for 10EUR a day, is that a good deal for Greece?

    Can you imagine if we call ourselves “whatever Macedonia”, and we enter Nato and EU -do we have a say? Can we “listen to music” if Greece does not like it? Can we eat burek tomorrow? No, we are SUBORDINATE to Greece from now till forever.. If this is what Zaev wants, lets us become a province of Greece.. Because by bowing down, we remain on our knees.. from now on.. And they will sell us feta and giros for 100 EUR a day.. What a deal?! A happy meal indeed.

    I would rather Zaev starts with changing HIS NAME AND SEE HOW MUCH GREECE, BULGARIA and ALBANIA respect him. If it works we may .. think about it.. :)))) but NEVER CHANGE OUR NAME

    • hankz

      You’re a fucken idiot!!! Greece is asking for FYROM to change its name because you are all Bulgarians and you speak Bulgarian, Ancient Macedonians are Greeks, they spoke Greek and have always claimed to be Greeks!! Your name should be “Vardaska” as it was before. There is only one true Macedonia and it is Greek!!

      • Roza

        Stop using vulgar language & name calling., you have been brainwashed by your Government for decades.
        Ancient Macedonia was not part of Greece
        Macedonians did not speak Greek
        We are not Bulgarians we are MACEDONIAN

  • Legenda Patriot

    Exceptional article ! Could not have said it better myself. Macedonians worldwide stand up and be counted. Where else in the world has this level of insanity and criminal perversion prevailed?

    • hankz

      lol. These stupid Turks have always been against Greek interest. You FYROMs are thieves trying to steal another country’s history, name and symbols, and now you’re asking your Turkish brothers for help. lol. You idiots are slavic/bulgarian, you have nothing to do with Macedonia which has been Greek for 4000 years. Find another name that suits your little country which is half Albanian you stupid slavic moron!!!