Turks in uproar over US map showing divided Turkey


It’s so far unclear why the map, published by the US Secretary of State on Twitter, has a border dividing Turkey in two. The State Department and other US officials haven’t commented on the publication yet.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shocked Turkish netizens in one of his latest tweets, where he showed the map of countries, supporting Juan Guaido, who recently proclaimed himself an interim president of Venezuela. But it was not the support for Venezuela’s opposition that angered social media users, but the map that featured Turkey divided into two unequal parts with a border.

While the US State Department hasn’t come up with an explanation for depicting Turkey in such a mannet, Twitterians have decided to unleash their outrage in the comments to the tweet. Most of them said that only in Washington’s “dreams” Turkey will be divided.

Many users were less polite in their outrage, suggesting the secretary of state should stick that map in place, where the sun doesn’t shine.