TV21 contenders for Pulitzer: Reporter finds Antonio Miloshoski grandma never made threats


In what can only be described as journalistic gold, Kosovo owned TV21 set out to look for Antonio Miloshoski’s grandma after the Macedonian MP made sarcastic remarks to Johannes Hahn that his grandma would see off his head if he becomes traitor and votes in Parliament.

Antonio’s remarks came as a result of a tweet by EU casino owner and political hack Johannes Hahn where he urged VMRO MPs to report any sort of pressure on them from the public to local police, US & UK Embassies (of course) and last but not least the EU Office as least important in the bunch.

Antonio’s grandma had passed away a while ago, but here come local morons of TV21 and their reporter Furkan Saliu who is apparently not a friend of sarcasm, logic, humor or common sense.

TV21 set out to look for Antonio’s grandma and question her over her threats to Antonio. They drove to Kichevo, surrounding villages, then drove back to Kichevo after realizing they only checked on his father side.

We visited TV21 and were quite certain we’d find a logo caption that says “TV21 Morons In Action“, but much to our surprise, it said “Beyond Any Border“…. oh, they got some borders all right.

Enjoy this masterpiece…