Two man and a dog crash a plane into a tree

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Amazingly, no one was hurt after a plane was stuck in a tree after making an emergency landing in the backyard of a Florida home.

The plane was sitting in a tree in a neighborhood near the airport, and two men and a dog were on board.

They all made it out uninjured.

“As I’m walking up to my house, I see all these people climbing over my fence, and I’m like ‘Hey, what’s going on? What are you guys doing?’ And they said a plane crashed into your backyard!” said Micki, who didn’t give a last name.

The plane came just feet away from crashing into her home while she was out walking her dog.

The pilot told the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office that an engine problem forced an early landing.

“If I had gotten home from the walk any earlier, I would have been sitting right there watching the planes because that’s what I like to do on the weekends,” Micki said.

Micki said a father and son and their pet Labrador were on the plane, flying in from Kansas for a Spring Break trip.

The Sheriff’s Office reported all passengers came out without a scratch.