UCK’s Shkodrane Darlishta on the Board of Macedonian Telecom with Fake CV, Fake Diploma


From what we’ve seen in the past 5 years, we can now conclude that there must be a law in Macedonia to have complete imbeciles with fake diplomas at highest positions around the country. If they have criminal records, even better.

It’s the case now with Shkodrane Darlishta, the former UCK terrorist and current idiot who has been installed in the executive board of Macedonian Telecom. Shkodrane became popular a fortnight ago when she threatened “war” if DUI was removed from Government.

Her CV published by Macedonian Telecom is partly hilarious with a good dose of ridiculous. Her CV is incomplete, inadequate, put together by a 4 year old, with zero connections to technology that can be a justification for her membership in the board of directors of Telecom.

In her CV Shkodrane writes that she is a master student, and at the same time she adds that she has already received her doctorate in Belgrade! No mention where she is studying for her Masters, or when/where she obtained her PhD… perhaps UCK University?

But no worries, Shkodrane has a black belt in Karate. This qualifies her to be on the executive board of Telecom. And people wonder why the entire country has been flushed down the toilet.

Read the insanity that in Macedonia passes for a CV at an executive level!