UEFA Mafia announces fines for Vardar after fans chanted ‘UEFA Mafia’


UEFA’s feelings are absolutely hurt, and Vardar will pay for it, according to a press release from European Football Federation HQ in Switzerland.

FC Vardar fans (rightfully) extremely angry that UEFA would not let the Macedonian champion play at its home grounds in Skopje and was forced to relocate 160km to the south east of the country in Strumica.

To voice their displeasure, banners showed at the Strumica stadium calling UEFA “Mafia” and more banners to show the officials what they thought of their Super Cup.

Swedish broadcasters took note of the banners and discussed them during their broadcast, not surprisingly attracting the attention of UEFA.

To make this seem as if it’s not solely based on ego and hurt feelings, UEFA added other charges, such as “crowd disturbances”, “blocking exits”, “fireworks” (this was after the match). If UEFA follows their own rules, every single team on every match should get the same charges that Vardar got. By the way, there were no crowd disturbances or blocked exits.

MINA’s Pero Stamatovski who was in Strumica says UEFA’s charges are moronic at best, and their knee jerk reaction is based solely on the ‘UEFA Mafia’ chants, which UEFA very much disliked for obvious reasons, considering the match was broadcasted live in numerous countries in Europe. As irony would have it, Malmo fans chanted “UEFA Mafia” during their champions league matches as well.

UEFA will decide the fine on July 28th.