UJP shutting down Café Bars in Skopje so Zaev’s brother can take them over


Zaev and the SDSM have transformed the taxation office (UJP) into a Racketeer Firm that goes around the capital and shuts down businesses targeted by the Zaev clan who then simply take over.

In ten days a dozen famous cafe bars and coffee shops have been shut down. All of these businesses had one thing in common – they had excellent locations and very much cult-like status among the public.

First targeted were the businesses in Aerodrom, where one location was shut down not because of licensing or any business/health related reasons, instead the business was closed because on the tables the owner had placed very cool sugar cubes in the shape of Aerodrom’s logo. That was it. That merited shutting down the business for weeks and issuing huge fines.

UJP temporarily closed the ultra popular place “Trend”, then proceeded to close “Palma” and very quickly after “Deja Vu”. Prior to this it shut down the most popular Bakeries in Debar Maalo. All of them were closed for three weeks and given abnormal fines.

Next the SDSM junta via UJP targeted cafe bar “Broz” across the street from Univerzalna Sala.

These raids are orchestrated by UJP’s new director Sanja Lukarevska who receives her orders from SDSM’s Stefan Bogoev. Bogoev and Vice Zaev are close business partners.

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Vice Zaev, the brother of the SDSM leader has a list of which businesses in Skopje he’d like to take over. It then unleashes the UJP to fine and close the businesses down. The goal is after multiple fines which fetch 10,000 euros and closing them down for weeks, the business owners would give up and close for good.

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    Why isn’t anyone wiping out these filthy scum? They are a cancerous growth. Stinking turds!